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This is a product review for Mememe Seventh Heaven Enriched Moisturising Face Base, a non-greasy makeup base or simply, a moisturizer for the face (if you are like me who doesn’t wear makeup everyday). One thing that made me try this is the good reviews I’ve been reading about this product. This one’s from Mememe - a UK brand that can only be bought from online shops if you’re like me who currently lives in the Philippines. I got this from one of of those popular online stores for makeup for about a little over Php1,000 or roughly $23-25 USD.

The Scent: Personally, I love the scent but I would say that it might not be something that everyone would love. I mean, we all have different tastes in everything but just to set proper expectations for everyone, I can say that it smells good but people who are not in to citrus-y scents might not be too in love with it. Also, it’s not a perfume so don’t expect the scent to stay for long! The scent gives off a hint of mandarin and orange, with a shy touch of vanilla going on. For me, it smells nice and refreshing, but only for a short moment.

The Product: The product is light, it’s not tinted, it’s doesn’t have any shimmer or glitters which is good. I like the consistency, just a pea-sized amount will cover pretty much your entire face. However, I find that when it’s humid, it did make my face sweat. I also noticed that when I apply this under any regular face powder or BB cream (I’m a fan of BB creams), it helps it stay put for hours. It’s safe to say that this really gives your powder or foundation a good lasting power.

Application: Personally, I use a Q-tip or cotton buds when getting a pea-sized amount for the whole face and I do not double-dip so that it wouldn’t accumulate bacteria in the tub.

Will I Buy it Again? It’s nice to try it because of the scent and its ability to hold your powder or liquid makeup for hours but for someone like me who doesn’t wear makeup too often, I would say that I might not repurchase. For one, it contains not one, not two, not three, not four, but five… FIVE types of PARABENS which I am absolutely not a fan of. In the box, it says it contains METHYLPARABEN, ETHYLPARABEN, BUTYLPARABEN, PROPYLPARABEN, ISOBUTYLPARABEN and many other chemicals I haven’t heard of or read about before. For those who aren’t aware yet, studies link parabens as a possible cause of cancer. 

The Verdict: It’s a good face primer but for health-conscious individuals, it may not be your best bet because of the parabens. There are other products out there that will probably do more good than harm. Overall, its really just the scent that makes this product really buzz-worthy but other than that, I choose not to load up my skin with harmful chemicals.

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